In general, all yachts have periodic maintenance before the start of the season. These will prolong the life of the boat equipment and the boat, as well as help you to make a very long-term economy. You will need help and labor in many aspects such as mechanical machinery, generators, water pumps, air conditioners, electronic devices, carpenters, painters, upholsterers and many other things.

In practice, all yachts are drawn ashore every two years and are prepared for land survey control. Repairs and maintenance of paint, dowel changes, underwater cutting are done during this period. Then, it is subjected to a sea survey at sea and receives a certificate of seaworthiness. During this period, it is essential to complete the maintenance and deficiencies of all boats. Avoiding periodic maintenance by avoiding costs will surely cause you problems during the season and this will be a process that we do not want to encounter at sea as well as increasing the maintenance and repair costs. As Ece Yachting, having a knowledgeable and experienced staff in boat manufacturing, maintenance and repair will offer you the shortest and easiest solution for both periodic maintenance and malfunctions.

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